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About Me

April Gallaty is a comedian in Tacoma, Washington. Originally from Georgia, April focuses on her upbringing in the South, life in the Pacific Northwest, and her daily adventures in marriage, early menopause, middle age, and ADHD with a bite that doesn't fit her sweet southern accent.

During COVID lockdown, April performed sold-out shows in front of her cats and ferrets at home, receiving rave reviews from the ferrets (after they got treats) and indifferent looks from the cats. April is looking forward to getting laughs without bribing the audience with treats.



2019 Portland's Funniest Person Contest

Portland, OR

1st Place

2019 Money Where Your Mouth Is Competition

Portland, OR

3rd Place

2019 White Horse Comedy Competition

Bremerton, WA

3rd Place

2018 Comedy vs. Tragedy

Portland, OR



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I hated you.

Daryl J., Jr.

Bend, OR

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Oh my Lord...

Debbie V. Greensboro, Nc

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